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About Us

We think everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives. That’s where we come in.  We make gorgeous, high-quality jewelry and sell it for an accessible price. No confusing gimmicks. No insane mark-ups. No intimidating salespeople. Just elegant, everyday jewelry delivered right to your door. Our jewelry is designed for and inspired by you – smart, sophisticated, modern women with wonderfully busy lives. You need jewelry that can keep up with you. Jewelry that can easily transition from work to play and day to night. Simple, stylish jewelry for your awesomely complex life. You need Grand Avenue. So, treat yourself or someone you love (or even someone you just like). We promise you won’t be disappointed.



Grand Avenue was born out of our frustration at impossibility of finding stylish, high-quality jewelry for an accessible price. We talked directly to manufacturers and discovered that retail brands mark up their jewelry 10-20 times! This means that the high prices we pay as consumers is to cover their expensive overhead and markup instead of paying for a quality product. Crazy, right?! 

We decided that this way of doing business is out of style. So, we cut out the middleman, slashed our internal costs, and sell directly to you without the insane mark-ups. Because of our low overhead we can afford to make a higher quality of jewelry, and still sell it for a fraction of the price of retail store. So more women can afford to buy the kind of luxury jewelry that they have always dreamed of.  Because we deserve it.



Have you ever bought an expensive piece of gold-plated jewelry, only to have it discolor or chip within a few months, or even a few weeks? This is because most jewelry companies use a process called flash electroplating, where a microscopic layer of gold is chemically plated on top of another metal. The gold is so thin, that it's really no surprise that most gold plated jewelry doesn't last.

At Grand Avenue we know that when you spend money on jewelry, you want it to last. So we do things differently. Our jewelry is plated with two layers of 14K gold, using two types of advanced techniques that can last up to eight times longer than flash-electroplating. This double-plating technique is used by the most expensive designer jewelry brands, whose jewelry typically costs a few hundred to upwards of a thousand dollars. We work directly with the same manufacturers and materials as these brands, to bring you the same quality of jewelry for an affordable price.



We believe our jewelry speaks for itself, however there are a few key features we’d like to point out.



+  All of our jewelry is made from the highest quality materials, like 14K gold over brass.



+  Our jewelry is double plated with multiple plating techniques to last longer than traditionally plated jewelry.

**To make all gold-plated jewelry last longer, please treat your jewelry kindly.  This means keeping it away from sworn enemies like water, sweat, perfumes, lotions, and hair products.



+  Grand Avenue jewelry is certified nickel-free.



+  Grand Avenue jewelry is designed to fit a variety of sizes with adjustable chains and flexible materials that can be bent gently for a customized fit



+  Our polished pieces can be dressed up or down, and can be worn in a multitude of mix, match, stack and wear however you like.



+  All of our jewelry comes in our luxury boxes - perfect for a beautiful gift or to display on your dresser.